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The Sign Records

Snake Tongue - No Escape No Excuse 7"

Snake Tongue - No Escape No Excuse 7"

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: TRL018
Label: The Sign Records
Band: Snake Tongue
Album: No Escape No Excuse 7"
Format: 7" vinyl
Vinyl Color: Black
500 pressed
Release date: 2019-03-08

Snake Tongue didn´t spare any brutality on the four track ep ",No Escape No Excuse",, a much more raw and and crude recording done by Seth Norder (Witchery / Nekrokraft) Snake Tongue have since the release of the debut album ",Raptors Breath", done countless shows, toured Europe and Mexico and shared stages with bands as Massacre68, Doomriders, Coliseum, All Pigs Must Die and more. With the No Escape - No Excuse EP the band wanted to have a more rough and dirty sound than the quite polished debut Raptors Breath. They entered the studio with Seth Norder (Witchery, Nekrokraft) as producer to get the right darkness. Again Brad Boatright(Audiosiege) did the mastering. The dark and harsh lyrics of the EP reflects a reality/society in decline, but also calls for action, resistance and reflection. The “No Escape No Excuse is set to release the 15th of February on both digital and vinyl and will be released by the Sign Records.

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