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The Sign Records

Iron Lamb - Blue Haze LP (Black Vinyl)

Iron Lamb - Blue Haze LP (Black Vinyl)

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: TRL015
Label: The Sign Records

Band: Iron Lamb
Album: Blue Haze

Format: Vinyl
Vinyl color: Black
Comes with a digital download card.

Apocalypse Express - 4:35
Bound by Gravity - 4:40
Into the Night - 5:09
The Hunt - 4:05
Erase/Rewind - 5:14
(Fallin´ Like) Dominoes - 4:39
The Iron and the Lamb - 3:47
Dead Beat - 5:31

´Blue Haze´ is the third album from Iron Lamb set for release the 26th of October on The Sign Records. Iron Lamb has raised the bar and the production provides a timeless sound that gives space for songwriting and craftsmanship. The weighed down and dark sense in the music stand next to a grim sense of humor. ’Blue Haze’ is a new chapter where the band is not rewriting history. It´s the start of something new. On ’Blue Haze’ there is an overflow of impressions at the same time as there are no compromises with tremendous force that the band brings to the live stage. There are multiple dimensions and layers on the new album. An album that holds a dark and apocalyptic depiction.

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