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The Sign Records

Siberian - Through Ages of Sleep LP Black

Siberian - Through Ages of Sleep LP Black

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: TRL004
Label: The Sign Records
Band: Siberian
Album: Through ages of sleep
Format: LP
Vinyl color: Black

First press, 400 on black vinyl and 200 on transparent red.

1. Ascend
2. Witness
3. Axis Mundi
4. Heresy Breath
5. Anima Astray
6. Transcend
7. Kingdoms
8. Dirge
9. Age of Sleep

Through Ages of Sleep is Siberian´s second theme-based album in their ",Age Trilogy",, set to be released 24th of February. The Swedish three-piece mixes influences from american sludge and scandinavian metal and have created a unique wall of sound. The album is written and based on band members Gus Ring, Linus Marron and Daniel Eklöw own dreams during a 2 years period. Thanks to the wide spread of genres the band have captured many audiences from different scenes. Adding Gus Ring´s powerful and haunting vocals with mixtures from traditional eurasian folk music, makes Through Ages of Sleep
an album with direct impact.
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