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The Sign Records

Snake Tongue - Raptor´s Breath LP Black

Snake Tongue - Raptor´s Breath LP Black

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Release date: 11 mars 2016

Art.nr: TRL002
Label: The Sign Records
Band: Snake Tongues
Album: Raptor´s Breath

Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, 200 copies on coloured vinyl. Comes with a digital download card. Raptor’s Breath is the debut album from Swedens Snake Tongue. 28 minutes of ruthless, raw and aggressive mayhem held together by classic elements from the Swedish extreme scenes. An essential part of the nine track album is the mix made by Kurt Ballou (Converge), that brings forth the bands technical parts in a perfect blend with the Swedes more brutal side. The band holds a chaotic sound on the brink of total madness. The recording was mainly made in HoboRec Studio by Ulf Blomberg and is mixed by Kurt Ballou (GodCity) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege). This combination plows way for an album that is a perfect combination of the Swedish and US scenes. The artwork is made by Mattias Frisk who have worked with bands such as Ghost, Night, Morbus Chron and Vampire.

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