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Absolut - Punk Survival LP

Absolut - Punk Survival LP

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Absolut - Punk Survival LP

After some months in the making and few delays, finally comes out the european pressing of ABSOLUT's "Punk Survival" LP. This Toronto's powerhouse astonished me last year with their release on Electric Assault Records, a truly smasher inspired by Scandinavian/Japanese Hardcore, Crust and noisy D-beat.

This pressing comes in with a different artwork, includes insert and an extra track, and there's a limited edition in transparent green + button for direct orders only.

If you are into non-stop D-beat mayhem, powerfull thrashing riffs, heavyly distorted vocals and epic guitar solos that will make your hair turn into spikes, this record is for you.

-400 copies in black wax
-100 copies in translucid green + button badge
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