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Majestic Mountain Records

Tornet - Domedagar LP (Black/Yellow Swirl Vinyl)

Tornet - Domedagar LP (Black/Yellow Swirl Vinyl)

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Art.nr: MMR056LP

Label: Majestic Mountain Records

Tornet - Domedagar
Format: Vinyl
Vinyl Color: Black/Yellow Swirl
Press: First
Release: September 23, 2022

"An astounding album completely in Swedish, full of powerful, heavy riffing, retro toned rock wrapped in deeply divine and infernally feral matriarchal magic. This is the real deal. Not just another occult or retro rock band, Tornet are a force of nature and have been bringing impressive live performances to Swedish audiences since 2014. 

A powerhouse of collective talent making heady, proto-psychedelic retro rock steamrolling through your psyche."

For fans of: Witchcraft, Graveyard

1. Tornet XVI
2. Blodsband
3. Nemesis
4. Glömska
5. De Gamlas Hamn
6. Förlorad
7. Att Bryta Dödens Pilar
8. Ain
9. Nature Morte

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