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The Holy Ghost - Ignore Alien Orders LP (LTD Solid Purple Vinyl)

The Holy Ghost - Ignore Alien Orders LP (LTD Solid Purple Vinyl)

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Release date: 22 september 2023

Art.nr: LLY063LP-PUR

Label: Lövely Records

The Holy Ghost - Ignore Alien Orders
Format: Vinyl
Vinyl Color: Solid Purple
Press: First
Limit: 500 copies
Release: 22/9-23

"Ignore Alien Orders" is the third album from Sweden's The Holy Ghost. Inspired by the American underground scene of the 80/90's, with bands like Hüsker Dü, Dinosaur Jr, Rites Of Spring, The Replacements, this 7 track release offers a unique mix of punk, rock and post-hardcore. ”Ignore Alien Orders” was recorded in The Dustward, Stockholm, Sweden by Stefan Brändström (Satan Takes a Holiday, Märvel, Side effects), who also mastered the album. Featuring members from classic, popular acts, such as Ashram, Trapdoor Fucking Exit, Entombed, New Rose and Haystack (among others).

01 - The Non-Dual
02 - Robot Creeps
03 - Pattern Breaker
04 - Brownshirt Trojan
05 - Worker’s Curse. 
06 - Keep Walking / Keep Rising       
07 - Alienation Blues

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