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Statues - Black Arcs Rising - BUNDLE - (White Vinyl + 7")

Statues - Black Arcs Rising - BUNDLE - (White Vinyl + 7")

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Art.nr: LLY057

Label: Lövely Records

Statues - Black Arcs Rising
Format: Vinyl + 7"
Vinyl Color: White LP + Black 7"
Limit: Bundle limited to 20 copies per colour
Release: 5/5-23

About the songs on the 7":
"To every Action there is always an equal Reaction. We took 19 songs to Gothenburg to record Black Arcs Rising. Prior to that we rehearsed 4 times a weekend so we could play the songs in our sleep. After the recording the waiting began. Covid-19 meant that the pressing plants took ages to cut the discs. So last summer we decided to try a new direction. The records on labels like SST and Homestead were all well played, but they oozed of first takes and raw fxxking energy. So we decided to pay tribute to early 80´s american postpunk and hardcore by writing a 7" that is a punch in the gut. They are our angriest songs up to date and they feature our live setting, bringing raw power and speed to the table."

Tracklist 12":
01 - Underground
02 - Chemicals
03 - Sardonic Grin
04 - Agony
05 - Phantasm
06 - Eyes In The Sky
07 - Hiding In A Hole
08 - Meteorology
09 - Dead of Summer
10 - Epochalypse
11 - Perfect Storm
12 - Bestiary

Tracklist 7":
01 - Lipstick On A pig
02 - Dark Tourism
03 - Bite Into And Suck

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