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The Sign Records

Grande Royale - Welcome To Grime Town CD

Grande Royale - Welcome To Grime Town CD

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Release date: 18 januari 2023

Art.nr: SQR054
Label: The Sign Records
Release date: 24/3-23
Band: Grande Royale
Album: Welcome To Grime Town
Format: CD
Pressing: First Press Edition of 1000 copies CD Digipack

First press printed in a total of 2000 copies:
- 1000 copies on Digipack CD
- 500 copies on Transparent Red vinyl
- 500 copies on Transparent Yellow vinyl

01 - Tell Me
02 - Status Doom
03 - Run Officer Run
04 - You Got Me Real Good
05 - Augury
06 - Utopia
07 - Freak Parade
08 - Move Around Time
09 - Stark Raving Mad
10 - Choke On It
11 - Seven Days No Sleep
12 - The End

"Welcome to Grime Town! A straight forward energetic and explosive rock album by one of Sweden's top garage rock bands, Grande Royale. With their signature blend of energetic Scandinavian garage rock and catchy songwriting at its core, the material on their sixth full-length album displays what the four-piece does best; straight forward, melodic, and explosive rock music. Mixed By Robert Pehrsson, Studio Humbucker."

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