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Iron Lizards - Hungry For Action LP (Limited Red Vinyl)

Iron Lizards - Hungry For Action LP (Limited Red Vinyl)

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Release date: 6 juli 2021

Band: Iron Lizards
Album: Hungry For Action

Format: Vinyl
Vinyl Color: Red
Release: 17 September 2021

First press printed in a total of 1000 Copies
500 copies on Limited Purple vinyl
500 copies on Limited Red Vinyl

1 - It´s about time!
2 - The way you play the game
3 - Rip it up
4 - No escape
5 - Obey / Annihilate
6 - Deathride
7 - Confusion blues
8 - No motivation
9 - Monster hero
10 - Ex
11 - I´ll be around
12 - Iron lizards

No fucks given. No trends. Iron Lizards blast their guitars and make music alive once again. Raw riffs, and with no unnecessary shit in their songs. Straight on, no fuzz, and loud screaming guitars. Iron Lizards make you feel the wild and dangerous side of rock’n’roll. They make you remember the hazy days of the alternative 90´s. Combining the roughest part of music history, Iron Lizards are a true statement in this time and age. Be ready to testify, Iron Lizards will make your ear pukes of the loud and unfiltered joy of unsophisticated music.

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