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The Sign Records

Hot Breath - Hot Breath LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl)

Hot Breath - Hot Breath LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl)

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Release date: 12 januari 2023

Art.nr: SQR028

Label: The Sign Records

Band: Hot Breath
Album: Hot Breath

Format: Vinyl

Press: Second

Vinyl Color: Transparent Orange

Limit: 500 copies

Release: 10/3-23

First press printed in a total of 1000 copies:
- 200 copies on Red Transparant vinyl
- 800 copies on Black vinyl.

Second press printed in a total of 1000 copies:
- 500 copies on Black/Orange Splatter vinyl
- 500 copies on Transparent Orange vinyl

01 - Still Not Dead
02 - Maniac
03 -1000 Miles
04 - Got It All
05 - Slight Air
06 - What You Reap

With a pounding heart for that raw 60´s Detroit energy and the dirty streets of late 70's London, Hot Breath is rushing with adrenaline and pure teenage lust. This hard beating four-piece from Gothenburg (Sweden) will run face-first through your bedroom door.
"Wake up punk! It's time to shine!".

Hot Breath is your after party that never stops. The soundtrack of the last drink sip that never ends. The one that breaks your mirror and will dance with you through the night - like stray cats covered in glitter.

Formed in October 2018 (with members from Honeymoon Disease, Hypnos and Grand) the band wanted to mix their various pasts into one vibrating sound. With a common ground of heavy rock Hot Breath quickly took shape and turned into a wicked animal that will twist your hips.

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