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The Sign Records

Grande Royale - Take It Easy LP Green

Grande Royale - Take It Easy LP Green

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: SQR024
Label: The Sign Records

Band: Grande Royale
Album: Take It Easy

Format: 180g Vinyl Vinyl
Color: Green
Release: 13th of September

First press printed in a total of 1100 copies:
100 copies on Orange vinyl
100 copies on Mint vinyl
100 copies on Green vinyl
100 copies on Pink & Purple vinyl
100 copies on Blue vinyl
600 copies on Black vinyl.

Swirl color combination can occure making a few of the colored vinyls more exclusive than others

This exclusive first edition have Gold Foild covers on 350gsm paper. Very good looking.

Bring It Up
Out Of Gas
Hands Up
Sweet Livin’
Ms. Sunshine
Baby You´re A Fool
Going Strong
Standing In My Way
On And On

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