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The Sign Records

Grande Royale - Captured Live LP

Grande Royale - Captured Live LP

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Art.nr: SQR019 Label: The Sign Records Grande Royale - Captured Live LP
Printed on 180g vinyl

Got To Move
Brake Light
Breaking News
Go Go Go
Devil´s Place
R´n´R Business
Daily Illustrations
Grande Royale
On The Loose
One Second

Captured Live contains eleven live recorded songs by Grande Royale. The album was recorded in Flensburg, Germany on the band´s tour for their outstanding third album ’Breaking News’. Grande Royale is one of the top names in a new wave of Swedish rock n roll. Sing along friendly pop hooks, overload of melodies and powerful riffing. This time all with that energy filled live approach. The live album was mixed by Ola Ersfjord (Tribulation, Imperial State Electric & Honeymoon Disease). Captured Live makes sure to include live-versions that brings new life into their studio tracks.
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