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The Sign Records

Märvel - Warhawks Of War LP (Transparent Black/Red Splatter Vinyl)

Märvel - Warhawks Of War LP (Transparent Black/Red Splatter Vinyl)

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Release date: 10 januari 2023

Art.nr: SQR013
Label: The Sign Records
Vinyl release date: 10/3-23

Album: Warhawks Of War

Vinyl Color: Transparent Black/Red Splatter
Pressing: Third Press
Quantity: 500 copies

1 - Hello!
2 - Bank of Lights
3 - T.N.H
4 - Whispering Eye
5 - A Hobby That Got Out Of Hand
6 - The Effort
7 - Beaten Path
8 - Blood Harmony
9 - Killer Porn Dungeon
10 - Good Times
11 - Tiger By The Tail
12 - Preaching To The Choir

"Warhawks of War" is the third album from the power trio hailing from Sweden. Originally released on CD in 2011, it had to wait until 2017 when Märvel signed with The Sign Records, before the first vinyl edition. An album filled to the brim with gigantic guitars, bombastic bass, dynamite drums and vaporizing vocals! As usual with the barons of Scandinavian modern rock, each of the 12 energy-filled tracks could be a hit, a tradition they've kept going for over two decades. With special guest appearances by Dregen (Backyard Babies, Hellacopters) and Robert "Strängen" Dahlqvist (The Hellacopters, Dundertåget). This pressing comes with updated artwork in 3mm spine cover and with inlay, and the vinyl is a limited edition Transparent Black/Red Splatter vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

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