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Gurras Records

Salty Peaches - Overproduced LP

Salty Peaches - Overproduced LP

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Release date: 21 april 2023

Art.nr: GR001

Label: Gurras Records

Salty Peaches - Overproduced
Format: Vinyl
Press: First
Release: April 21, 2023

Based on the colours and the fun, the freedom to blend whatever comes to mind.
It’s a salty-sweet dish made for the bitter gone sour, the crunchy gone crisp or the sweets gone salty as they often tend to do. Like feelings in a clash, or the pages torn from a cookbook. When all else seems hopeless and grey, spice up your life with the Salty Peaches!

- (Over)Produced by the Salty Peaches in the Jungle/Goodbread Studios 2022.
- Mastered by Steve Kitchfor audiomaster UK
- Artwork, layout and design by Jonas Murray Calander
- For fans of: The Hives, Franz Ferdinand
- Ex-members from No Fun At All, Bruket and CDOASS

1. Really Rad Rum
2. Easy Anthem
3. Stargazers Wallet
4. We Go On
5. Taxi Driver Man
6. Coke n' Fries
7. Text Me
8. City Of The Damned
9. Hit Man
10. Party

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