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Roswell - The Nothing Cd

Roswell - The Nothing Cd

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Roswell´s ",The Nothing", was released in 2002 in physical form, and still holds great relevance to some. This is the sound of hardcore mixed with metal and rock along with apocalyptic lyrics. The outcome is a ravishing and prying six song EP, all in all a fine record with great tunes and a feeling of innovation.

Roswell split up in early 2005, just some time after having released their fullength album called ",Void", on Caccaphonus Records. After breakup, the members of Roswell went on to form Tid.

1. Awaiting Deliverance
2. Sonic Assault
3. Ankara Talvi
4. The New Sun
5. Queen De Mise
6. Unmarked Eclipse
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