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Radiation Records

Crude S.S. - Who´ll Survive LP

Crude S.S. - Who´ll Survive LP

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Release date: 15 januari 2021

Crude S.S. - Who´ll Survive LP Tracklist: A1 Forced Values A2 Sick Pleasure A3 Destroy Capitalism A4 Who´ll Survive A5 You Cant Deny It A6 Respect The Earth A7 Bullying A Nation A8 Fried A9 Nazi Go Home A10 What You Say, What You Do B1 No School B2 Blow All Town Halls B3 Create Your Own Life B4 Svensson, Svensson B5 Leonid Was Red B6 Pray The Lord My Soul To Take B7 Blue Eyed Devils B8 Chaos B9 Hundred Dead Cops B10 Forced Value (Live)

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