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Rotten Mind - I'm Alone Even With You LP (LTD Blue/Black Vinyl)

Rotten Mind - I'm Alone Even With You LP (LTD Blue/Black Vinyl)

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Release date:

Art.nr: LLY001
Label: Lövely Records

Band: Rotten Mind
Album: I'm Alone Even With You

Format: Vinyl

Vinyl Color: Blue/Black Vinyl
Press: Third
Limit: 500 copies
Release: 12/5-23


01 - Your voice inside my head
02 - I don't want to be the one
03 - Damaged state of mind 
04 - Teenage mess up
05 - Slaughterhouse refugee
06 - No hope for me
07 - This place is rotting away 
08 - Watch me watch you
09 - Pharmaceutical consulation 
10 - Offspring of supreme value 
11 - Can't control me no more 
12 - Nowhere to go

Reissue of "I'm Alone Even With You", the critically acclaimed debut album from the Swedish Punk Rock band Rotten Mind, originally released in 2015. Since their inception in 2015, Rotten Mind has established themselves as one of the Punk genre's most active bands, with five albums and numerous of tours in Europe, as well as USA and Australia. Recorded by Swedish hardcore legend Mattias Kennhed (No Security, Meanwhile and Dischange).

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