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D-takt & Råpunk

Paranoid – The First Ten Years, 5x12” BOX set

Paranoid – The First Ten Years, 5x12” BOX set

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Release date: 30 november 2022

The First Ten Years vinyl box set contains: - Satyagraha, 12″, - Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!, 12″, - Out Raising Hell, 12″, - Cursed, 12″, - The Singles Collection 2014-2019, 12″, Exclusive extras (only for the box): - 60x90cm folded fold-up poster, artwork by Akatsuki - Postcard series: band member portraits by Andrew Morgan - B/w inlay sheet Pressing: 250 copies Comes w/ free download code, NO obi-strips! The First Ten Years 2012-2022 vinyl reissue series. Black vinyl only, this applies to all titles. No colors or limited edition available. Released by Paranoid Northern Discs and D-takt & Råpunk Records.
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