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Hunt - Branches CD

Hunt - Branches CD

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: LLY010
Label: Lövely Records

Band: Hunt
Album: Branches

Format: CD

Branches is the majestic, yet intimate second full length album from Swedish indie band Hunt. Always embodying the deepest emotions, Hunt’s guitar driven pop leaves the listener swaying between feelings of complete forsakenness and distant hope. If the bands debut album Dark Come Sooner (Kning Disk) was the musical equivalent of being lost in a rural snow ridden landscape, with lead vocalist Susanna Brandin´s voice as the sole beacon of light in the far distance, Branches is the more urban after math. The sense of being forsaken still remains, but on Branches it’s rather an eternal time lapse of cold rain drizzling against a backdrop of street lights that obstacles the journey towards that remote salvation.

Hunt is the collective creative output of Susanna Brandin, Johanna Hellqvist, Hillevi Duus and Jakob Enlund. After a succesful Asian tour following 2013’s full length debut Dark Come Sooner, the band now returns with 8 new tracks on new album Branches. The album was produced and recorded by Hunt, while Christian Gabel took on mixing duties in Studio Cobra
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