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Majestic Mountain Records

Kite - Currents LP (Black/Blue Splatter Vinyl)

Kite - Currents LP (Black/Blue Splatter Vinyl)

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Art.nr: MMR036LP

Label: Majestic Mountain Records

Kite - Currents
Format: Vinyl
Vinyl Color: Black/Blue Splatter
Press: First
Release: October 8, 2021

Recorded at an abandoned pig farm in Hamar, Norway by the band and producer Fredrik Ryberg (Andrew W.K.), Currents is the latest entry in a collection of rare, intermittent, yet wholly compelling releases by the Oslo-based sludge/post-hardcore trio, KITE.

For fans of: Quicksand

1. Idle Lights
2. Turbulence
3. Murdress
4. Ravines
5. Currents
6. Infernal Trails
7. Ferret
8. Heroin
9. Unveering Static

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