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Thurneman - De räknar våra dagar LP Black + CD

Thurneman - De räknar våra dagar LP Black + CD

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: GAP069 Label: Gaphals Vinyl (LP) version of Thurneman - De räknar våra dagar album. Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, 200 on red. Comes with a Cd and a digital download card.

Thurneman is releasing their debut album after an uncountable amount of vinyl singles and ep ´s during the last couple of years. With rough edges the band spits out 15 tracks of classic swedish hardcore mixed with early US Hardcorepunk influences - think Huvudtvätt, Missbrukarna and Raped Teenagers reproducing with Husker Du, Articles of Faith and early Poison Idea. Swedish Harcore Punk at it´s best. ",This band slays hardcore punk with a dagger cut from very strong ore.",?–Daryl Gussin /Razorcake Magazine
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