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Class of Kill´em High - S/T LP Transparent + CD

Class of Kill´em High - S/T LP Transparent + CD

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: GAP060 Label: Gaphals Vinyl (LP) version of Class of Kill´em High´s S/T album. Comes on transparant (200copys) and black (300copys) All records comes with CD-version and downloadcard.

10 tracks smelling of slacker indie rock’n’roll. These Swedes have captured the essence of the 90 ´s alternative rock-scene and transformed it into a timeless adventure filled with unforgettable hooks and pop melodies. “Just like Nirvana Class of Kill’em High succeeds to unite pop melodies with the force and attitude of rock music without compromising” was the verdict from Swedish Gaffa Magazine when the band unleashed their first single.
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