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Dobermann Cult - Lions share of the dog years CD

Dobermann Cult - Lions share of the dog years CD

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: GAP055 Label: Gaphals CD version of Dobermann Cult - the Lions Share of the Dog Years album. Comes in jewcase with 8pages booklet.

The new album with 13 tracks of New York influenced hardcore, with a Swedish melodical heritage, is their first one recorded with Ulf Blomberg in Hobo rec studio (Counterblast, Grace Will Fall, Inevitable Ends and We are the Damned). The new album is powerful and combines the influences from most New York Hardcore bands as hardcore vibes from Sick of it all, the sing-a-longs from Agnostic Front, the heaviness of Cro-mags, the speed of Kill your idols and the simplicity and fury of Warzone.
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