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Den Stora Vilan - Förvandling CD

Den Stora Vilan - Förvandling CD

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: GAP030 Label: Gaphals Den Stora Vilan - ",Förvandlingen", CD, comes in digipack with artwork by Thomas Asplund.

Den Stora Vilan is an organic entity, based upon feeling, groove and improvisation, a unique psychadelic being with deep roots constantely searching out new directions to make the music come alive. Bringing a dynamic range of sounds from delicate atmospheric trips to sweeping heavy rhythms, never in a stiff proggresive manor but through their fine musicianship and feeling. Constantly building up and breaking down the music as it fits the situation. The band have shared the stage with Träd Gräs and Stenar, Graveyard, Kurt Vile, Nick Lowe, White Hills and the Growlers. Anyone who´s been to a concert with Den Stora Vilan knows it´s something out of the ordinary. Constantly listed as one of Sweden´s finest live acts, the band is one of Scandinavia´s most up and coming bands. Their Willfulness is in line with a diversity of artists such as Ariel Pink and Prince but their musical influences reaches even furher back in music history to the time of iconic groups like Grateful Dead and Neil Young.
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