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DTAL - Dark Dimensions Of War LP (Vinyl)

DTAL - Dark Dimensions Of War LP (Vinyl)

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DTAL - Dark Dimensions Of War
Format: Vinyl, limited to 500 copies
Release date: 18/6-23

Swede cult punx D.T.A.L!
After 33yrs this legendary album is available!

This is the album that were supposed to be released back 1990 right after Anti Cimex "Absolut..." by CBR. Due to lawsuits and shit this album disappeared into some dark dungeon. Last year the analogue tapes were found, restored and remastered (by Dan Swanö).

It's 100% metalpunk played by punks with influences from Discharge, Amebix, Sacrilege, Onslaught and Bolt Thrower.  A fakking killer album!

Dark, dirty and dystopic!

A1: Dark Dimensions Of War
A2: Rot In Hell
A3: Annihilation
A4: Don't Fear The Winter
B1: Visions Of Darkness
B2: Blackstorm
B3: Eternal Darkness
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