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Majestic Mountain Records

Draken - S/T LP (Yellow Splatter Vinyl)

Draken - S/T LP (Yellow Splatter Vinyl)

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Art.nr: MMR013LP

Label: Majestic Mountain Records

Draken - S/T
Format: Vinyl
Vinyl Color: Yellow Splatter
Press: First
Release: March 26, 2021

"Riffs on riffs on riffs. DRAKEN’s self-titled debut is filled to the brim with guitar that stomps, gallops, spirals, and a whole mess of other acrobatics. There’s a doomy undercurrent beneath the stoner crunch and punky Red Fang vibes, and the raw vocals bring it all home. It’s early yet, but DRAKEN are already making a strong case for one of the year’s top debuts."

~ Shasta Beast

For fans of: Motörhead, Spidergawd

1. Realm Of Silence
2. Way Down Low
3. Grand General
4. (We Walk) In Circles
5. The Master
6. Strange Love
7. Mountain In An Endless Ocean

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