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The Sign Records

Dorian Sorriaux - "Children of the Moon" (Black vinyl)

Dorian Sorriaux - "Children of the Moon" (Black vinyl)

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Release date: 14 juni 2024

"Children of the Moon"; former Blues Pills guitarist Dorian Sorriaux's first release on The Sign Records. Drawing Inspiration from ’60s and ’70s icons like Neil Young and Nick Drake, Sorriaux's solo venture embraces singer-songwriter and psychedelic folk vibes. The album, featuring 10 beautiful tracks, was recorded in Brittany, France, mixed by Don Alsterberg, and mastered by Hans Olsson in Sweden.


1. Yet We Have Changed
2. Children of the Moon
3. I Believe That You Can Change
4. To the Water
5. Need to Love
6. Light in the Dark
7. Shine So Bright 
8. In the End
9. Just a Little More
10. Sunken Ship

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