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The Sign Records

Dictator Ship - Electric Jihad LP (Black Vinyl)

Dictator Ship - Electric Jihad LP (Black Vinyl)

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Release date: 29 september 2023

Art.nr: SQR048LP-BLK

Label: The Sign Records

Dictator Ship - Electric Jihad
Format: Vinyl
Vinyl Color: Black
Press: First
Limit: 500 copies
Release: 29/9-23

01 - And Then I Heard About The Groove
02 - Electric Jihad
03 - City Girl
04 - Just Like Before
05 - Sorry State
06 - Losing Ground
07 - Those Without Power
08 - Terror
09 - Resignation Boogie
10 - She Makes Me Wanna

Dictator Ship, the Swedish four piece is back, ready to launch their second studio album ”Electric Jihad”. Blending energetic and raw rock’n'roll with exquisite multi-layered vocal harmonies and melodies inspired by 60’s soul and doo-wop, the band has carved out their very own niche in the rock landscape, perfectly displayed throughout the whole album. In many ways, the album is the natural progression of their critically acclaimed 2020 debut album "Your Favorites".
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