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Dead Earth - Et Disperdam Illud LP (Vinyl)

Dead Earth - Et Disperdam Illud LP (Vinyl)

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Dead Earth - Et Disperdam Illud
Format: Black Vinyl, limited to 300 copies
Release date: 18/6-23

Mathias Kamijo (Algaion/ex-Hypocrisy) is back with an album packed with melodic black metal. Vocals by Forss (Dawn), B.L (Merger Remnant, Mordbrand & God Macabre), Thomas Clifford, Angus Norder and Kristin Starkey. Expect and extraordinary album of atmosphere and devotion.

A1: The Last Cinders Of Hope
A2: Jaw's Decree
A3: Doom, Cerulean
A4: Swords Drawn
B1: Lazurite Throne
B2: Speaking Silience
B3: Pyres
B4: Inflation Of Kings

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