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The Sign Records

MaidaVale - Tales of the Wicked West CD

MaidaVale - Tales of the Wicked West CD

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: CRC005
Label: The Sign Records

Band: MaidaVale
Album: Tales Of The Wicked West

Tales of the Wicked West is MaidaVale’s debut album.. The four-piece with influences ranging over decades have created a sound based in the late 60’s/early 70’s music scene. With a modern take on blues rock the band have captured many audiences with their heavy and psychedelic vibes. A rock solid rhythm section provides lots of space for the blues influenced guitar. Adding Matilda Roth’s powerful, charismatic vocals and the lyrical themes, political both on a personal level and world-devouring, makes Tales of the Wicked West an album that stands out from recordings made in this time and age.
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