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The Sign Records

Ill Wicker - Untamed CD

Ill Wicker - Untamed CD

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: CRC004
Label: The Sign Records
Band: Ill Wicker
Album: Untamed
Format: Digipack sleeve. Comes with a digital download card.

Gothenburg based Ill Wicker declares with their second album ” Untamed", that prog-rock is still vital. During dark gatherings a charming and seductive tale of the ",Untamed” is told. The seven chapter story folds out in a place were the rules set up for acoustic folk is not applied. The circle of six that is Ill Wicker have extended their sound and they are stretching out their arms around a larger universe vibrating of beauty, demonic desperation and life.

",...this remarkable six-piece from Gothenburg burn with such fire and intensity that it’s almost as if they stumbled upon their own dark forest magic in a hermetically sealed universe parallel to that in which Comus and the Incredible String Band once existed – as if two people in two different places discovered electricity via two different routes. Yes, that good.....” - Hugh Dellar, Shindig!-Magazine
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