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The Sign Records

Hällas - S/T LP

Hällas - S/T LP

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: CRC002 Label: The Sign Records

Hällas - S/T
Format: LP

Third press:
Total of 500 copies on black vinyl

Hällas´ debut album contains four tracks of adventurous rock that brings the listener back to an age were wizards and witches were still spoken of. The young Swedes have forged their debut album together from a foundation of prog and NWOBHM mixed together with a pain filled storytelling expressed by the vocals of Tommy Alexandersson. The twin guitars set an early 80´s mode while the rhythm and organ give the album a solid 70´s atmosphere. At 24 minutes the four songs tell stories about tyrants, knights, possessing demons and the end of the world.

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