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Vånna Inget - True Romance LP (Black Vinyl)

Vånna Inget - True Romance LP (Black Vinyl)

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Release date: GAP114LP-BLK

Label: Gaphals

Vånna Inget - True Romance
Format: Vinyl
Vinyl Color: Black
Press: First
Limit: 700 copies
Release: 6/10-23


01 - Gnista
02 - Solen
03 - Allt som skaver nu ska gå över med tid
04 - Hundratusenbitars Pusselliv
05 - När Festen Slutar
06 - Leva eller ångra
07 - True Romance
08 - Tar rulltrappan upp
09  - Déjà vu
10 - Slutligen

Behold the eagerly anticipated fourth and final album from Vånna Inget. "True Romance" will not only mark their swansong, this could also stand as the very pinnacle of the band's discography. Vånna Inget has matured and ventured further into a pop-infused soundscape on this record. A pop sensibility intertwined with heartfelt lyricism and an ambiance that strikes the perfect chord. This musical direction complements them, exuding an epic aura and a hint of magnificence. The album unveils a more serene, dreamy, and romantic facet of the band, beloved by their multitude of fans.
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