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The Sign Records

Paranoid - Heavy Mental Fuck-up! LP

Paranoid - Heavy Mental Fuck-up! LP

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Release date: November 27, 2020 TRL014LP
Label: The Sign Records
Band: 偏,執,症,者, (Paranoid)
Album: Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!

自,警,団, (Jikeidan)
襲,撃, (Syuugeki)
侵,略,来,た,れ,り, (Shinryaku Kitareri)
袋,小,路, (Fukurokouji)
大,虐,殺, (Daigyakusatsu)
時,間,切,れ, (Jikangire)
復,讐, (Fukusyuu)
容,赦,無,き,殺,戮, (Youshanaki Satsuriku)
嵐,の,目, (Arashi No Me)
死,に,至,る,ま,で, (Shi Ni Itarumade)

Heavy Mental Fuck-Up is the follow up to 偏,執,症,者, (Paranoid) hyped debut album Satyagraha (Southern Lord). The band is showing a more raw and old school metal vibe. The recording got a 80´s clean metal sound that makes the band stand out even more. 偏,執,症,者, (Paranoid) got that extreme underground metal approach that we have been lacking for years.
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