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The Sign Records

Paranoid - Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! CD

Paranoid - Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! CD

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Release date: June 13, 2020 TRL014
Label: The Sign Records
Band: 偏,執,症,者, (Paranoid)
Album: Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!

CD Comes with a digital download card.

自,警,団, (Jikeidan)
襲,撃, (Syuugeki)
侵,略,来,た,れ,り, (Shinryaku Kitareri)
袋,小,路, (Fukurokouji)
大,虐,殺, (Daigyakusatsu)
時,間,切,れ, (Jikangire)
復,讐, (Fukusyuu)
容,赦,無,き,殺,戮, (Youshanaki Satsuriku)
嵐,の,目, (Arashi No Me)
死,に,至,る,ま,で, (Shi Ni Itarumade)
知,ら,れ,ざ,る,門, (Shirarezaru Mon)***
予,言, (Yogen)***
*** Bonus tracks taken from the ",JIKANGIRE", Maxi 12",, not included on the LP!

Heavy Mental Fuck-Up is the follow up to 偏,執,症,者, (Paranoid) hyped debut album Satyagraha (Southern Lord). The band is showing a more raw and old school metal vibe. The recording got a 80´s clean metal sound that makes the band stand out even more. 偏,執,症,者, (Paranoid) got that extreme underground metal approach that we have been lacking for years.
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