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The Sign Records

Liar Thief Bandit - Deadlights LP (Black Vinyl)

Liar Thief Bandit - Deadlights LP (Black Vinyl)

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Release date: May 19, 2022

Liar Thief Bandit - Deadlights

Label: The Sign Records
Format: Vinyl Vinyl
Color: Black
Release: 19th of May 2022
Second press printed in a total of 500

Black Vinyl Tracklist
1. Deadlights
2. Brand New Day
3. Good Enough
4. Catch and Release
5. ´Cept the Truth
6. Limitations
7. Feather
8. I´ve Got a Lot of Money Comin´ In
9. Forever the Optimist
10. Silver Tongue
11. Right from Wrong
12. Hindsight

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