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The Sign Records

Tid - Fix Idé LP Black

Tid - Fix Idé LP Black

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Release date: June 3, 2020 SQR003
Label: The Sign Records
Band: Tid
Album: Fix Idé
Format: Vinyl (LP)

TID - Fix Idé album. Black vinyl. Gatefold sleeves with 3mm spine. Comes with a digital download card.

Fix Idé contains six songs. Six different scenarios and six different dreams. Ranging from dark apocalyptic dance music to soundtracks to a dreamlike wandering in ones mind trying to kill reflections of a dark past. With lyrics written in classic verse that brings to mind something old and long since forgotten or hidden - now found and accompanied by Tid’s music, this is a highly different album and band. The references to their music are legio, and the wells of inspiration know no boundaries. Tid is music and artwork. The band sees the two as highly connected and completing each other. The band writes music with artwork in mind, and makes artwork with music in mind.

Fix Idé was produced and art directed by Tid, and engineered and mixed by Niels Nielsen [Mastermind and Producer of Dead Soul].
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