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Koloss - Empower The Monster 12"

Koloss - Empower The Monster 12"

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Release date: June 3, 2020

Koloss ?- Empower The Monster 12", ",Drawing inspiration from bands like Tool, ISIS, Neurosis and Cult of Luna (to name a few), what would become KOLOSS began to take form in the late summer of 2007 in Vetlanda, Sweden. Out of the forthcoming, tedious, dark and cold winters their debut, End of The Chayot, emerged. Everything from recording to mastering was done by members of the band and was released as a free download through their bandcamp page. In 2012 Koloss began recording their next album, a beast entitled ”Empower the Monster”. Digitally self-produced by the band in 2013, the album is out now in physical format, vinyl limited edition to 250 copies worldwide.",

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