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True Moon - S/T CD

True Moon - S/T CD

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Release date: June 3, 2020 LLY012
Label: Lövely Records

Band: True Moon
Album: S/T

Format: CD
Digipack, Comes with a digital download card.
CD version also features a remix of Guns

1. Voodoo
2. Our own darkness
3. True moon
4. Sugar
5. Just like smoke
6. Guns
7. Run run run
8. In the dead of the night
9. Things i used to tell you
10. Honey

True Moons self titled debut album contains ten tracks of Scandinavian dark wave. An all around feeling of despair and melancholy is mixed with a small glimpse of hope. Karolina Engdahls voice is providing light and closeness in an otherwise all out dark, raw and minimalistic collection of songs. As the Swedish songwriting creeps up on the listener and the melodies get stuck, songs as ",Sugar",, ",Voodoo", and ",Run Run Run” gives instant pleasure while ”In the dead of the night” and ”Our own darkness” is working more like an ever growing darkness within. True Moon finds its darkness closer to Joy Division than contemporary Swedish acts like Nicole Saboune and Invsn.
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