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Ka'tzon La'tevach - Like Lambs To The Slaughter LP

Ka'tzon La'tevach - Like Lambs To The Slaughter LP

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Release date:
Label: De:Nihl
Band: Ka'tzon La'tevach
Album: Like Lambs to the Slaughter


"We are super excited for our new album to come out finally!
We planned this record as well as a European tour for early 2020.
A lot of contaminated water passed through our river since and music was without a doubt our haven and getaway for these challenging times.
We've grinded all our influences into this album which in the mean time doubled it self into 18 tracks that were finally recorded last December at Jaffa Sound Arts studios.
We see these songs as out tiny point of view within this chaos called the Israeli society and the world in general. We look at these with the curiosity of children that quickly evolved into adults and find it very difficult to remain apathetic to the fears and anger they experience.
We've received great support from our friends in the effort to record and release this album, this help is not taken for granted, we cherish and thank you all from the bottom of our rotten hearts."

All the instruments recorded at Jaffa Art Studios by Aner Baruch.
Vocals in N.O Protestor - Ben Ronen.
Vocals in Fossils Of The Selfishness Period - Ofek Saadi.
Vocals recorded at Kaboom Studio by Arthur Girel.
Mixed by Aner Baruch.
Masterd by Dan Randall - Mammoth Sound Mastering.
Album cover by Lotem Ginton.
Album graphic design by Amit Ben Haim.


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