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Jalan Gelap Records

MaTI - Demo 2017 Tape

MaTI - Demo 2017 Tape

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Release date: October 23, 2020

Μ,ά,τ,ι, ‎,– Demo 2017 Tape Tracklist: A1 Ό,π,ω,ς, Δ,ί,π,ο,τ,α, A2 Δ,ά,κ,ρ,υ,α, A3 Α,υ,τ,ο,κ,τ,ο,ν,ί,α, A4 Έ,τ,σ,ι, Ν,ο,μ,ί,ζ,ε,ι,ς, A5 Ξ,ε,ν,ο,φ,ο,β,ί,α, B1 Ό,π,ω,ς, Δ,ί,π,ο,τ,α, B2 Δ,ά,κ,ρ,υ,α, B3 Α,υ,τ,ο,κ,τ,ο,ν,ί,α, B4 Έ,τ,σ,ι, Ν,ο,μ,ί,ζ,ε,ι,ς, B5 Ξ,ε,ν,ο,φ,ο,β,ί,α,
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