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Henning - Nätter utan dagar LP

Henning - Nätter utan dagar LP

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Release date: June 3, 2020 GAP104 Label: Gaphals Henning - Nätter utan dagar LP
Black vinyl, 180g

Henning plays guitar. Being born in one of Sweden´s most classic industrial towns, Gothenburg there are a lot of familiar things around the music. You can´t help hearing the sound of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits in Henning´s music. Even though singing in his native language this young guitarist speaks to all lovers of classic guitar based rock.

1. Tokyo
2. Högoktanig
3. Belladonna
4. Enheten för saknade brev
5. Nattskiftet
6. Vilken kväll
7. Långlandia
8. Samma Träd
9. Stora blå
10. Mörka vatten
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