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Tyred Eyes - Elevator LP Yellow Limited Edition

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Art.nr: GAP058

Label: Gaphals

Vinyl (LP) version of Tyred Eyes album Elevator. Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, 200 copies on yellow vinyl. Comes with a Cd and a digital Download card.

Tyred Eyes are back with their new album Elevator. The band have since the start taken big musical and inspirational steps between releases, and the difference between last year’s Ghost Ep and new album Elevator is substantial. If Ghost Ep consisted of 4 short and direct pop songs with a lot of punk attitude, then Elevator is it’s older and more mellow sibling. The older sister with the cool band posters who smoked cigarettes and knew what bands were shown on MTV. Tyred Eyes has been influenced a lot of the lo-fi/indie bands of the 90’s, as opposed to 70’s punk, which has set a great impact on the new album.
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