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Svartanatt - S/T LP Silver

Svartanatt - S/T LP Silver

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Art.nr: CRC003

Label: The Sign Records

Svartanatt - S/T - LP 
Format: LP
Release date: 2019-03-08

Svartanatts debut album. Second pressing repressed after years sold our on vinyl. Finally back in stock. Gatefold vinyl.

S/T 2nd Pressing:
500 Copies on Silver 180g Vinyl

1. Filled Up With Darkness
2. Times Are Changing
3. Demon
4. Nightman
5. Thunderbirds Whispering Wind
6. Dreams
7. Rocket 02:28
8. Dead Mans Alley
9. Secrets Of The Earth
10. Destination No End
Freight Train
Almost Religious
S:t Larsgatan 21
58224 Linköping