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The Sign Records

Lizzies - Good Luck LP (Red Vinyl)

Lizzies - Good Luck LP (Red Vinyl)

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: SQR002
Label: The Sign Records

Band: Lizzies
Album: Good Luck

Edition of 600 copies on black vinyl, 300 on red and 100 on transparent colored vinyl. Comes with a digital download card.

Lizzies 9 track debut album is an outstandingly fresh debut that showcases and impressive blend of shades of rock and metal. The band has a unique approach and an insaciable hunger for hooks and great melodies backed by a really strong capacity for composing simply good songs. Lizzies are a four piece heavy metal act from Spain, which perfectly combines both the aggression and the melodic edge of classic NWOBM with a breathtaking fury and dedication that results in an impressive blend of energy and attitude rarely seen among young bands like this. Their impressive riffing, and most specially their strength and power onstage, helped the band building an outstanding reputation that took them to play in Germany (Metalheadz Open Air & Headbangers Open Air), Sweden (Muskelrock) and England (Live Evil) and also to become one of the most promising bands of the underground scene in Europe
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