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Uprising Coalition

Pasanen, Kristofer - Identity Parade Photo Book

Pasanen, Kristofer - Identity Parade Photo Book

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Release date: 25 oktober 2021

Identity Parade, the first photo book by Kristofer Pasanen, was released 20 years ago. Where LKPG Hardcore: Where We Belonged focus on the Linköping hardcore scene, Identity Parade has a much wider scope showing photos from his entire archive. Including photos of bands such as Agnostic Front, Amulet, The Anniversary, Asshole Parade, Bad Religion, Battery, Better Than A Thousand, Bluetip, Bombshell Rocks, Bonds of Trust, Breach, CIV, Converge, Cult of Luna, Damnation AD, Descendents, Division of Laura Lee, Doughnuts, D.S.-13, Earth Crisis, Endstand, Floorpunch, Fugazi, Fast Times, Final Exit, The Get Up Kids, Good Riddance, Intensity, Karate, Last Days of April, Madball, Manifesto Jukebox, Metroschifter, Neurosis, Outlast, Outstand, Propagandhi, Randy, Seein’ Red, Shelter, Texas is the Reason and Wasted. “The way I’ll remember it will always be Kristofer behind the lens, perhaps in the beginning too afraid of participating, making our culture and rebellion visible. Always capturing something. Perhaps always searching something and always having success, as we now can witness almost all the hardcore punk bands that played in Sweden between 1995–1999 within the pages of this product”, Henrik Lindqvist from Outlast wrote in the book back in 2001. “Within these pages you can see the desperation in the eyes of the band members. You can feel their energy and their dedication.” Book title: Identity Parade Author: Kristofer Pasanen Publisher: The Fifth Columnist (Now Uprising Coalition) Release date: 1.1.2001 ISBN: 978-952-91-3976-7

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