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Oblivious - Out of wilderness LP Red

Oblivious - Out of wilderness LP Red

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Release date: 3 juni 2020

Art.nr: GAP074 Label: Gaphals Vinyl (LP) version of Oblivious - Out Of Wilderness album. Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl, 400 on red vinyl. Comes with a Cd and a digital download card.

Out Of Wilderness is the name of Oblivious third album. Heavy rock and strong melodies have always been the characteristics for the Swedish band. With a changed lineup, a new studio and a new label the band blossomed and found new confidence. With their already strong and compelling groove the band have focused on building stronger choruses and developing vocal harmonies in Studio Underjorden, a studio that previously recorded bands as Year of the goat, Night and Vanhelgd. The biggest change can be found in going from two to one guitarist, bringing forward a more crisp and classic guitar sound, giving more space for the primal groove and the wilderness in the songs.
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