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Riddarna - Under Jorden LP

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Art.nr: GAP057

Label: Gaphals

Vinyl (LP) version of Riddarna´s "Under Jorden" album. Comes on dark purpel (200copys) and black (300copys) coloured vinyl in full colour sleeves and with printed innersleeves. All records comes with CD-version and downloadcard.

The new album is filled with frustration, angst and a wish to get away, anywhere. The band has a sound of new wave / postpunk combined with art / noise rock that reminds of Sonic Youth, Fugazi and that feeling of the 90´s – a decade when the band grew up on the isolated island of Gotland outside the Swedish cost. During this period, the music scene exploded and new interesting music as Refused´s “The Shape of Punk to Come” changed history at the same time as the American label Sub Pop with bands like Nirvana paved the way for a new kind of skewed melancholic music, and heavy rock acts like Queens of the Stone Age opened new doors for heavy, experimental and dark music. Riddarna fed hungrily on the music revolution of this era and grew up, and now, that time is gone forever but lives on with Riddarna – and their third album is a desperate cry and a fresh injection of pure rock. The track Simma Hem was included in the video game Hotline Miami 2.
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