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The Arson Project - God Bless LP (Yellow Vinyl)

The Arson Project - God Bless LP (Yellow Vinyl)

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The Arson Project - God Bless
Format: Yellow Vinyl, limited to 500 copies
Release date: 18/6-23
Harsch pissed-off audio violence! Pitch black misanthropic hardcore charged with intense crustpunk, grind & metal! The Arson Project are back with their audio violence, from Malmö, Sweden.
A1: Vultures Of The Cross
A2: Exchanging Dominance
A3: Power And Control Wheel
A4: Burn
A5: For The Worms To Feed
B1: Cages
B2: Tai-Atari
B3: Crumbling Grounds
B4: Volunrary Human Extinction
B5: Drop The Hammer
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